Operational Excellence Consulting | Our Team

About Our Team

Most of our trainers and coaches are not only experts in Operational Excellence, but have also led and managed their own organizations successfully through Operational Excellence initiatives; none are career consultants.

We provide our clients with the hands-on experience and leadership skills required to have a profound and sustainable impact on their business. Read more ...

Operational Excellence Consulting | Our Services

About Our Services

We provide our clients with an end-to-end approach to Operational Excellence. Our services include Operational Excellence assessments, training solutions, kaizen event facilitation, project support, and of course hands-on implementation support to enable our clients to achieve their objectives and goals through the innovative application of Operational Excellence principles, methods, and tools. Read more ...

Operational Excellence Consulting | Our Approach

About Our Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. For a more comprehensive Operational Excellence initiative, we recommend starting with our Operational Excellence 360o Assessment TM. However, often our clients start with a more targeted approach like an 8D Problem Solving Process workshop, a Lean Value Stream Mapping event, or a few very specific Lean Management or Six Sigma projects. Read more ...

Operational Excellence Consulting | Our Workshops

About Our Workshops

Operational Excellence Consulting provides hands-on and interactive Operational Excellence, Lean Management, Six Sigma, and Problem Solving training, certification, and deployment workshops.

We provide customized onsite workshops covering all aspects of an organization's Operational Excellence initiative. Read more ...

Operational Excellence Consulting | Client Testimonials

Our Clients About Us

"His breadth of experience was evident with clear multi-approach explanations and illustrations of advanced Lean Six Sigma concepts for quick understanding and immediate application.

I highly recommend him as an expert instructor and consultant for any organization." Read more ...