Operational Excellence Consulting Partners

Operational Excellence Consulting partners play a critical role in our overall service offering. They have been carefully selected to ensure that their values and business practices align with ours, and their reputation for quality and client satisfaction is unquestioned.

Operational Excellence Consulting | Partner SixSigma.us


SixSigma.us is one of the leading Six Sigma training and certification firms. Their programs are internationally recognized, open to the public, and designed to meet the needs of adult learners.

We partner with SixSigma.us to provide our clients with high-quality public and onsite Six Sigma training and certification workshops to develop the competencies needed to effectively lead specific Operational Excellence projects and activities with our support.

For more information on SixSigma.us, please visit www.6sigma.us.

Operational Excellence Consulting | Partner LearnItLive


We recently selected LearnItLive as our platform to provide live, recorded, and customized webinars.

Our live and recorded public Operational Excellence, Lean Management, Six Sigma Methodology, and Problem Solving webinars provide individuals and organizations with affordable training solutions to enable them to initiate, lead and support their organization's Operational Excellence initiative and activities.

For more information on LearnItLive, please visit www.learnitlive.com.

Operational Excellence Consulting | Partner MindEdge

MindEdge Online Learning

MindEdge offers high-quality and cost-efficient online learning solutions developed by business school professors, industry professionals, and subject matter experts. These courses combine interactive exercises, mini-cases, videos, and focused reading to ensure that the courses are not only engaging but that the students really learn.

We partner with MindEdge to make these excellent online courses available to our clients and to integrate them effectively, together with one-on-one coaching, into their Operational Excellence initiative.

For more information on MindEdge, please visit www.mindedge.com.

Operational Excellence Consulting | Partner i-nexus


i-nexus is a leading provider of on-demand software that helps organizations to drive consistent execution of their business strategy and goals. The i-nexus software supports very effectively the development and deployment of Strategy Maps, Hoshin Planning, and Balanced Scorecards. It also provides larger organizations with a well-structured Project Management System to track and monitor ongoing Lean and Six Sigma projects.

We partner with i-nexus to provide our larger clients with an effective and cost-efficient on-demand software solution to manage the different aspects of their Operational Excellence initiative.

For more information on i-nexus, please visit www.i-nexus.com.