8D Problem Solving Process e-Learning Module (SCORM 2004)

The "The 8D Problem Solving Process" e-learning module takes about 5h 13m to complete and also includes all supporting templates and a little case study.





The 8D (Disciplines) Problem Solving Process eLearning Module v10.0 includes:

1. eLearning module (5h 13m in SCORM 2004 format) walking you slide-by-slide through our complete "The 8D (Disciplines) Problem Solving Process" training module, including examples and 9 optional exercises.

2. MS Word Problem Solving Process Case Study

3. MS Excel 8D Problem Solving Process Worksheet Template & Example

4. MS Excel Process Variables Map Template & Example

5. MS Excel Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Template & Example

6. MS Excel Process Control Plan Template & Example

7. MS Word 8D Problem Solving Process Report Template


Note: This e-learning module is based on our The 8D (Disciplines) Problem Solving Process training material.

File Type: .zip

File Size: 220.1 MB (It is large !!!)

Last Update: March 9, 2021


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