Process Risk Analysis (FMEA) e-Learning Module (SCORM 1.2 Version)

The "Process Risk Analysis & Mistake Proofing" e-learning module takes about 3h 05m to complete and also includes all supporting templates and forms.





The Process Risk Analysis (FMEA) & Mistake-Proofing eLearning Module v7.0 includes:

1. eLearning module (3h 05m in SCORM 1.2 format) walking you slide-by-slide through our complete "Process Risk Analysis (FMEA) & Mistake-Proofing" training module, including examples and 6 optional exercises.

2. Training Material Handout in PDF Format (2 Slides per Page)

3. MS Word Process FMEA Severity, Occurrence, and Detection Risk Assessment Guidelines

4. MS Excel Process Variables Map Template & Example

5. MS Excel Cause & Effect Matrix Template & Example

6. MS Excel Process FMEA Template & Example

7. MS Excel Process Control Plan Template & Example


Note: This eLearning Module is based on our Process Risk Analysis (FMEA) & Mistake-Proofing Training Material.

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File Size: 233.7 MB (It is large !!!)

Last Update: June 19, 2024

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