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Operational Excellence Consulting always seeks experienced professionals from across different industries, functions, and disciplines.

Our mission is clear. We work with our clients, primarily smaller and medium-sized manufacturing and service organizations, hands-on and side-by-side to achieve their strategic and operational goals and objectives through the innovative application of Operational Excellence principles, methods, and tools. We are shaping our clients’ and our future. Together.

Our trainers and coaches are not only experts in Operational Excellence, but have led their own organizations successfully through Operational Excellence initiatives; none are career consultants. This approach to delivering value has helped us build a competitive advantage and enabled us to establish long-term partner relationships with many of our clients.

Please send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you within 3 to 5 business days.

Operational Excellence | Refinery

Operational Excellence Consultant

We are looking for an experienced Operational Excellence consultant with a strong background in the oil refining and petrochemical industry.

Responsibilities would include:

1. Perform Operational Excellence 360 Assessments, with the focus on risk management, for our clients in the oil refining and petrochemical industry.

2. Develop and implement Operational Excellence Roadmaps for our clients in the oil refining and petrochemical industry.

3. Develop our current Operational Excellence service offering for the oil refining and petrochemical industry based on actual client needs.

It would be great if you live in Southern California, but that is not a prerequisite, as our clients need us in different parts of the Unites States and often even elsewhere.

So, if you are an experienced Operational Excellence consultant with a broad experience in the oil refining and petrochemical industry, and you can help us and our clients on an as needed basis, send us your application.

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