The  8D  Problem  Solving  Process

The 8D Problem Solving Process

The Global 8D (Eight Disciplines) Problem Solving Process is a team-oriented and structured problem-solving methodology that is mainly used to identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems.

The Global 8D Problem Solving Process focuses on the origin of the problem by determining root causes and establishing corrective and preventive actions.

The U.S. government first standardized the 8D Problem Solving Process during the Second World War, referring to it as Military Standard 1520. It was later refined and popularized by the Ford Motor Company in the mid ‘90s.

Today, the Global 8D Problem Solving Process has become a standard in many industries as a problem-solving and improvement process, as an internal Corrective Action Request (CAR) Process, or as a Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) Process. The 8D Problem Solving Process can be an integral part of an Operational and Process Excellence initiative.



The benefits of a systematic Problem Solving Process are obvious.

  • Create a shared understanding of how to systematically solve problems.

  • Strengthen cross-functional teamwork, problem-solving, and collaboration capabilities.

  • Reduce defects, lead times, and costs through effective problem-solving.

  • Identify the underlying root cause(s) by applying effective problem-solving tools.

  • Develop effective process controls to prevent the recurrence of known problems.

  • Establish systematic documentation of the Problem Solving Process.

Operational Excellence Consulting offers a two-day "Global 8D Problem Solving Process for Work Teams" workshop. This workshop teaches your organization a team-based approach to systematic problem-solving. The objective of this workshop is to enable individuals and work teams to perform a thorough root cause analysis and to develop effective corrective and preventive solutions.

The "Global 8D Problem Solving Process" workshop is very interactive with examples and hands-on small group exercises. After the workshop, the participants will ...

  • have a thorough understanding of the 8D Problem Solving Process,

  • be able to describe the purpose and objective of each phase of the 8D Problem Solving Process,

  • understand and be able to apply key problem-solving tools in each phase of the 8D Problem Solving Process, including Pareto Chart, Problem Definition, 5 Whys, Is-Is Not Matrix, Process Flow Chart, Process Variables Map, Fishbone Diagram, Comparative Analysis, Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Root Cause Theory Testing, Mistake-Proofing, and Process Control Plan,

  • be able to use assessing questions at the end of each phase of the 8D Problem Solving Process to ensure proper application of the process and integrated problem-solving tools.

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