Operational  Excellence  360  Assessment

Operational Excellence 360 Assessment

Begin or accelerate your Operational Excellence initiative with an in-depth, unbiased assessment of your organization’s current capabilities and opportunities.

Our Operational Excellence 360o Assessment TM typically takes two to four days and involves one or two of our experienced Operational Excellence coaches. During the assessment, we will conduct extensive onsite observations, data-driven performance analysis & benchmarking, and focused one-on-one interviews and discussions.

Upon completion of the assessment you will receive, or we will present to you and your organization, a detailed report about your current strengths and opportunities, including three to five specific Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma projects or activities that would lead to significant performance improvements based on our assessment.

Our Operational Excellence 360o Assessment covers ten key focus areas – Business Systems & Reporting, Internal Communication, Visual Workplace Management, Workforce Flexibility, Standard Work, Quality & Mistake-Proofing, Rapid Changeover & Maintenance, Balanced & Demand-Driven Processes, Continuous Improvement, and Customer Communication. Each focus area includes eight to ten questions to assess your organization’s current capabilities and maturity level (1 to 5).

1. Business Systems & Reporting – Capable system solutions are necessary to develop, implement, and support efficient and effective processes and value streams. Accurate, relevant, and timely data allows an organization to identify and resolve problems quickly, and capitalize on improvement opportunities.

2. Internal Communication – This area focuses on your organization’s approach to defining and communicating internal objectives and performance indicators, as well as your organization’s understanding of how your processes and value streams impact your current performance levels.

3. Visual Workplace Management – Visual management is a foundation of every Operational Excellence initiative and a prerequisite for many more advanced concepts, methods, and tools.


Operational Excellence 360 Assessment

Operational Excellence 360o AssessmentTM Focus Areas

4. Workforce Flexibility – A trained and flexible workforce is needed to scale your capacity up and down depending on the actual demand for each of your value streams.

5. Standard Work – Standard or standardized work is another critical capability organizations need to deploy effectively to build the foundation for a sustainable Operational Excellence initiative.

6. Quality & Mistake-Proofing – This focus area evaluates your organization’s proactive approach to determine and prevent process and product/service risks that could result in dissatisfied customers, loss of revenue, and increased costs.

7. Rapid Changeover & Maintenance – Rapid changeovers and an effective maintenance program are necessary to develop and implement balanced and demand-driven processes and value streams.

8. Balanced & Demand-Driven Processes – Balanced and demand-driven processes and value streams will enable your organization to deliver your products and services just-in-time with a minimum amount of resources, work in process, and finished goods inventory.

9. Continuous Improvement – A continuous improvement mindset and supporting problem-solving skills are necessary to identify and resolve problems quickly and to capitalize on improvement opportunities through Lean Six Sigma projects and Kaizen events.

10. Customer Communication – All levels of the organization need to have profound knowledge and understanding of its customers' value and how each activity contributes to this value creation.

Benefit from our expertise and experience to help organizations drive profitability and create growth through Operational Excellence, Lean Management, and Six Sigma.

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You can now also purchase our Operational Excellence 360o Assessment TM Questionnaire for internal usage and for developing your own Operational Excellence Self-Assessment. You can find the questionnaire in our Training Materials library.

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