Process Excellence - Better, Faster, Cheaper.

Process Excellence - Better, Faster, Cheaper.Operational Excellence organizations are process-centered organizations that have well-designed, efficient, and effective management, value creation, and support processes to deliver best-in-class products and services consistently.

Process Excellence methods and tools, including Lean Management, Six Sigma Methodology, and the 8D Problem Solving Process, are core competencies of Operational Excellence organizations and are utilized to achieve the organization's strategic and operational objectives and goals.

Combined with a well-defined, methodical, and disciplined progress review process, these methodologies will ensure that progress toward the organization's strategic breakthrough and operational objectives is made and that risks and roadblocks are identified and countermeasures are implemented in a timely manner.

Operational Excellence Consulting provides high-quality interactive Process Excellence training, certification, and deployment workshops. Most of our training includes actual project support to ensure that your organization can apply these methods and tools, and achieve actual improvements quickly. To read more about some of our Process Excellence workshops please visit Our Workshops.

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Process Excellence - Lean Management

Process Excellence - Lean ManagementThe primary objective of the Lean Management methodology is to continuously reduce the lead time of an organization’s service, manufacturing, and support processes. Process lead time is defined as the average time it takes to complete the entire process - from start to finish - including time waiting between the different processing steps or activities of the process.

Imagine how your business model and competitiveness would change, if your critical processes that today take 10 or 20 days from start to finish could be done in 1 to 2 days.

Lean Management helps Operational Excellence organizations to create flow, for both materials and information, and maximize efficiency through the reduction or elimination of non-value adding activities. Read more ...

Process Excellence - Six Sigma Methodology

Process Excellence - Six Sigma MethodologyThe primary objective of the Six Sigma methodology is to improve the performance of an organization's manufacturing, service, or administrative process by eliminating or at least reducing variation in the outcome of that process. Six Sigma accomplishes this objective by identifying, quantifying, and eliminating the sources of that variation.

Imagine the impact on your customer satisfaction, profitability, and ability to grow your business, if all your critical processes would consistently deliver the right results every time.

Six Sigma is a highly effective methodology that helps Operational Excellence organizations focus on developing and delivering consistently near-perfect products, processes, and services. Read more ...

Process Excellence - 8D Problem Solving Process

Process Excellence - 8D Problem Solving ProcessMaintaining effective and efficient manufacturing, service or administrative processes requires that everyone in the organization is trained in basic problem solving, and knows how to analyze and solve problems quickly as they occur.

The 8D (Eight Disciplines) Problem Solving Process is one of the most widely used team-oriented and structured problem-solving methodologies.

The 8D Problem Solving Process focuses on the origin of the problem by determining root causes and by establishing effective corrective and preventive actions.

The 8D Problem Solving Process has become a standard in many industries as problem-solving, internal Corrective Action Request (CAR) Process, and Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) Process. Read more ...