Six Sigma Methodology Deployment

Six Sigma Methodology Deployment

Operational Excellence organizations strive for consistent, repeatable, and capable processes, delivering the desired results all the time and every time. That is why Six Sigma has become one of the key methodologies in every Operational and Process Excellence initiative.

The primary objective of the Six Sigma methodology is to improve the performance of a manufacturing, service, or administrative process by eliminating or at least reducing variation in the outcome or in the performance of that process. Six Sigma accomplishes this objective by systematically identifying, quantifying, and eliminating the sources of that variation.

Six Sigma is a highly effective methodology that helps an organization focus on developing and delivering consistently near-perfect products and services.



Operational Excellence Consulting's Six Sigma deployment approach follows a well defined four-phase process: Prepare Initiate Execute Evaluate.

1. Prepare Phase

Leadership is vital to the success of any initiative that attempts to change the way an organization does business. Without the support, participation, and leadership of top- and mid-level management and the development of appropriate infrastructure, any initiative is destined to fail. Key objectives of this deployment phase include:

  • Review of the organization's annual strategic and operational goals and objectives.
  • Baseline and review the organization's current performance with respect to its key performance indicators.
  • Develop a Project Evaluation & Selection Matrix to ensure that selected projects support the organization's strategic and operational goals and objectives.
  • Conduct a one-day Six Sigma Champion Training & Certification workshop to prepare the organization's leadership team to successfully launch and deploy Six Sigma as part of their Operational or Process Excellence initiative.
  • Identify, evaluate and select, together with the leadership team, the initial wave of Six Sigma projects to be defined in the Initiate phase.

2. Initiate Phase

This phase covers the development of a Six Sigma Project Charter for each project by the assigned project champion, financial impact analysis for each project by the finance team, and the selection of the appropriate Six Sigma Green or Black Belt to be trained.

The Six Sigma Green or Black Belt will be the project manager and team leader for a specific project, supported by the project champion and by one of our experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts.

3. Execute Phase

The Execute phase starts with a review and the finalization of the Six Sigma Project Charter by the project champion, the Green or Black Belt, and the assigned Master Black Belts.

Operational Excellence Consulting, in partnership with, offers customized Six Sigma "Yellow Belt", Six Sigma "Green Belt" and Six Sigma "Black Belt" training and certification programs designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

The effective integration of training and project execution provides a proven competence development approach that at the same time creates sustainable results quickly.

4. Evaluate Phase

The Evaluate phase ensures that systems and processes are being defined and implemented by the organization's leadership team to review the progress, successes, and challenges of the Execution phase, and to take appropriate countermeasures as needed to strengthen the next Six Sigma deployment cycle.

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