An Operational Excellence Model and Framework

In the global and competitive environment of today and tomorrow, organizations must rethink and reshape their approach to execution in order to stay competitive. Operational Excellence is the strategic initiative under which this process can take shape.”

Achieving Operational Excellence requires the successful implementation of a Business Execution System that effectively and seamlessly integrates the following four building blocks: Strategy Deployment, Performance Management, Process Excellence, and High Performance Work Teams.

An Operational Excellence Model and Framework

Operational Excellence - An integrated Business Execution System

Benefit from our expertise and experience to help organizations drive profitability and create growth through the innovative application of Operational Excellence principles, methods, and tools.

Operational Excellence - Strategy Deployment

Building Block #1 - Strategy Deployment

Operational Excellence organizations follow a well-defined Strategic Planning Process to define strategic goals, objectives, and initiatives, and to ensure collaboration and alignment among the different parts of the organization.

Strategic Planning based on Hoshin Policy Deployment provides this systematic and collaborative planning, execution, and review process. Read more ...

Operational Excellence - Performance Management

Building Block #2 - Performance Management

Operational Excellence organizations effectively translate strategic or operational objectives and initiatives into measurable success indicators and ensure alignment among the different levels and parts of the organization.

The Balanced Scorecard Methodology provides a proven Performance Management framework to ensure the alignment of an organization towards common objectives and goals. Balanced Scorecards also provide critical inputs for an effective Project Prioritization and Selection Process. Read more ...

Operational Excellence - Performance Management

Building Block #3 - Process Excellence

Operational Excellence organizations are process-centered organizations that have well-designed, efficient, and effective management, value creation, and support processes to deliver best-in-class products and services to their customers consistently.

Process Excellence concepts, methods, and tools, including Lean Management, Six Sigma, and Root Cause Analysis, are core competencies of Operational Excellence organizations and are utilized to achieve an organization's strategic or operational objectives and goals. Read more ...

Operational Excellence - High Performance Work Teams

Building Block #4 - High Performance Work Teams

Operational Excellence organizations continuously strive to increase the engagement, education, and empowerment of their employees through strong values, guiding principles, leadership development, coaching, and continuous competence development.

Getting Started

A great way to prepare and plan your Operational Excellence initiative is with our in-depth and customized Operational Excellence 360o Assessment TM of your organization's current capabilities and opportunities. Read more ...

Another approach to get started is by implementing specific Operational Excellence solutions, like a Strategic Planning - Hoshin Policy Deployment Workshop, an A3 or 8D Problem Solving Process Workshop, or a Value Stream Mapping Vision Event for one of your core products or services. These are obviously excellent approaches for you to learn more about our expertise, style, and capabilities, and for us to better understand your organization's culture, strengths, and change readiness. Read more ...

However, should you decide that your organization is ready for a comprehensive Operational Excellence initiative, then we are ready to support you all the way and facilitate this effort using our proven P-A-C-E Operational Excellence Deployment Process. Read more ...

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