Business Process Improvement (BPI 7) Workshop

Business Process Improvement Workshop

Workshop Description

A process is a sequence of activities that take place throughout the organization to make things happen or to produce a product or service. They take inputs and use resources to generate outputs, ideally adding value on the way.

Business Process Improvement is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.

For those who want to obtain success in the continued operations of their business, an effective and comprehensive business process improvement strategy is critical.

Workshop Benefits

The benefits for an organization of introducing a systematic and team-based approach to business process improvement are many and include:

  • establishes a common and shared language across the entire organization
  • provides a way to define what “improvement” means for your organization
  • helps set process improvement objectives and priorities
  • helps an organization examine the effectiveness of its processes
  • helps you identify, develop and implement improvements
  • helps ensure stable, capable, and mature processes

In summary, a systematic and effective approach to business process improvements enables an organization to execute Better – Faster – Cheaper than anyone else in its market or industry.

Key Topics and Learning Points

Our business process improvements methodology BPI 7 is a proven and systematic approach to continuously improve an organization's existing business processes. This workshop will cover each of the seven steps or stages and the integrated tools in detail:

  • Defining the Scope of a Process
  • Mapping the Process
  • Defining Process Measures
  • Setting Process Targets
  • Analyzing the Process
  • Improving the Process
  • Managing the Process

Workshop Requirements


Workshop Duration

This course is typically delivered as a one- or two-day workshop, depending on the possibility to integrate actual business process improvement opportunities and activities into the workshop.

Who Should Attend

Process Owners, managers, supervisors, and employees responsible for the development and continuous improvement of an organization’s business processes. The optimum number of participants is 3 to 4 teams of 4 to 5 team members each.

Project Support

Hands-on implementation support, if needed to transfer the Business Process Improvement methodology to other parts or processes of the organization, is of course available.

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