Process Risk Analysis & Mistake-Proofing Workshop

Lean Mistake Proofing Workshop

Workshop Description

Process Risk Analysis & Mistake-Proofing is a simple and effective method to prevent defects from occurring in an organization’s manufacturing, service or administrative process.

It’s objective is to design processes so that mistakes are impossible to make or, at the least, they are easy and early to detect and correct.

Workshop Benefits

The benefits of systematically mistake-proofing a manufacturing, service or administrative process are:

  • the systematic analysis of a manufacturing, service or administrative process,
  • the identification of critical and/or significant process characteristics,
  • the development of an effective control plan,
  • the identification of process deficiencies and development of an effective corrective action plan, and
  • the systematic documentation of the rationale for changes.

Key Topics and Learning Points

The "Process Risk Analysis & Mistake-Proofing" workshop is very interactive with several hands-on small group exercises. The workshop covers our 10-Step Mistake-Proofing Process:

  • Objectives and Benefits of Mistake-Proofing
  • Process Mapping and Building Blocks Development
  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - A Step-by-Step Approach
  • The Sixteen Human Error Modes
  • The Six Mistake-Proofing Principles
  • Preventing Human Errors using Poka-Yoke Methods
  • Developing an effective Process Control Plan
  • Out-of-Control Action Plans

Workshop Requirements


Workshop Duration

This course is typically delivered as a one- or two-day workshop, depending on the possibility to integrate actual work processes into the workshop.

Who Should Attend

Process owners and employees throughout the organization involved in critical manufacturing or service processes that require mistake-proofing. The optimum number of participants is 3 to 4 teams of 4 to 5 team members each.

Project Support

Hands-on implementation support, if needed to transfer the learning and exercises to an existing manufacturing or service process, is of course available.

Kaizen Event Workshop

A Kaizen workshop is available for this course and in most cases consists of 1 to 2 days of planning and preparation followed by a two- to four-day Kaizen event. During the Kaizen event, the Mistake-Proofing methodology will be applied to a specific high-impact manufacturing, service or administrative process. Typical Kaizen events have a payback time of less than 3 months.

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