Moving Through Change Workshop

Moving Through Change Workshop

Workshop Description & Benefits

Employees (as a corporate asset) are not keeping up at the same pace as advances and improvements in workplace technology; due to a lack of focus, enthusiasm, leadership, and adversity to change.

Managers, supervisors and team leaders must tap into their own (and that of those they supervise) personal and professional motivational factors, to develop an effective, meaningful, and lasting change in themselves and those they lead.

Key Topics and Learning Points

Our "Moving Through Change" workshop is very interactive and engaging. The workshop will cover in detail:

  • Organizational change management concepts, and evaluation
  • Employee forces compelling & resisting organizational change, and
  • Strategies and techniques to coach, and mentor to lead others through change.

Workshop Requirements


Workshop Duration

This course is typically delivered as a one-day workshop.

Who Should Attend

New managers, supervisors, and team leaders.

Project Support

Hands-on support to implement and deploy the key concepts and learning points discussed during this workshop is of course available.

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