Six Sigma "Yellow Belt" Training & Certification Workshop

Six Sigma "Yellow Belt" Training & Certification Workshop

Workshop Description

Operational Excellence Consulting partners with one of the leading providers of public Six Sigma workshops to provide high-quality and well-recognized Six Sigma certification workshops. All Six Sigma certification workshops are approved by the IACET and PMI.

The fundamental objective of Six Sigma is to improve the performance of a manufacturing, service or administrative process by eliminating or at least reducing variation in the outcome of that process. Six Sigma accomplishes this objective by identifying, quantifying and eliminating the sources of that variation.

This two-day "Six Sigma Yellow Belt" training and certification workshop provides you with a fundamental understanding of the Six Sigma methodology as well as some of the basic improvement methods and tools.

Workshop Benefits

Organizations that re-think their end-to-end processes or value chains and find ways to provide what their Customers value better, faster and with significantly fewer resources than their competitors can obviously develop an unassailable competitive advantage.

Six Sigma Yellow Belts play an important role in achieving an organization's overall Six Sigma deployment objectives and goals. These individuals are trained in the application of specific methods and tools enabling them to support Green and Black Belts in performing Six Sigma projects effectively and efficiently. Experienced Yellow Belts may even be able to start utilizing the Six Sigma methodology to analyze and improve some manufacturing, service and/or administrative processes.

Key Topics and Learning Points

The "Six Sigma Yellow Belt" training and certification workshop is very interactive with many examples and hands-on small group exercises. The workshop covers:

Day 1

  • Introduction to Six Sigma
    • What is Six Sigma?
    • Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology & Roadmap
  • Define Phase
    • Six Sigma Project Team Charter

Day 2

  • Measure Phase - Part 1
    • Process Variables Mapping
    • Cause & Effect Matrix

Day 3

  • Measure Phase - Part 2
    • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Analyze Phase
    • Introduction to Basic Statistics
    • Introduction to Minitab (use of free trial version)
    • Graphical Data Analysis

Workshop Requirements


Workshop Duration

This course is typically delivered as a two-day or three-day workshop, depending on the organization's needs and requirements.

Who Should Attend

Process owners, managers, and employees throughout the organization involved in Six Sigma deployment activities to improve critical manufacturing, service and/or administrative processes.

Onsite Project and Deployment Support

Onsite project and deployment support is, of course, available after the workshop to support an organization's overall Six Sigma deployment objectives and activities.

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