Strategic Planning - Hoshin Policy Deployment Workshop

Strategy Planning and Deployment Workshop

Workshop Description

Strategic plans are often developed in isolation and rarely aligned across an organization. As a result, the organization's strategy and strategic objectives are not well defined, are not well communicated, and do not impact day-to-day decision-making.

Our Strategic Planning Process, based on Hoshin Policy Deployment, provides an organization with effective methods and tools to develop, communicate and align its strategic goals, objectives, and initiatives.

The strategic plan then forms the basis for establishing an effective Performance Management System and for initiating critical Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma projects and activities. Strategic Planning using Hoshin Policy Deployment has been successfully deployed by many world-class organizations.

Workshop Benefits

Some of the benefits of using Hoshin Policy Deployment as a Strategic Planning Process:

  • Help the management team identify and focus on the "right" goals, objectives, and initiatives.
  • Focus and align an organization towards common goals and objectives.
  • Enable an organization to understand and evaluate the relationship between specific actions and strategies.
  • Improve communication of organizational priorities across an organization.
  • Help employees to understand and focus on organizational priorities and realize relevant results.
  • Strengthen and formalize the project selection process to focus on relevant capabilities and enablers.

Key Topics and Learning Points

The "Strategic Planning - Hoshin Policy Deployment" workshop covers:

  • Introduction to Hoshin Policy Deployment
  • Organizing the Strategy Process
  • Current State Analysis (CSA) & SWOT Analysis (optional)
  • Develop a Vision and Vision Elements (optional)
  • Define Strategic Breakthrough Goals & Objectives
  • Develop a Balanced Scorecard
  • Define Strategic Initiatives & Tactics
  • Define Strategic Projects & Activities
  • Develop a Hoshin X-Matrix & Catchball
  • Discuss the Management Review Process

Workshop Requirements


Workshop Duration

A Hoshin Policy Deployment workshop normally requires 1 to 2 days of preparation, a two- or three-day deployment workshop, and potentially 2 to 3 follow-up sessions to ensure a successful implementation.

Who Should Attend

Executive and Functional Management Teams

Additional Support

Implementation support, for example to cascade the Hoshin Policy Deployment approach to other parts of the organization, is of course available.

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