Process Risk Analysis (FMEA) Training Module

MS PowerPoint Presentation including 132 slides, as well as additional guidelines and templates, covering our Process Risk Analysis (FMEA) training module.





The Process Risk Analysis (FMEA) & Mistake-Proofing Training Module v7.0 includes:

1. MS PowerPoint Presentation including 132 slides covering in detail an

  • Introduction to Process Risk Analysis & Mistake-Proofing,
  • Process Variables Mapping,
  • Cause & Effect Matrix,
  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA),
  • Sixteen Human Error Modes,
  • Six Mistake-Proofing Principles,
  • Seven Types of Poka-Yoke Devices & Examples,
  • Process Control Plan,
  • and 6 Workshop Exercises.

2. MS Word Process FMEA Severity, Occurrence, and Detection Risk Assessment Guidelines

3. MS Excel Process Variables Map Template & Example, Cause & Effect Matrix Template & Example, Process Failure Modes, and Effects Analysis Template & Example, and Process Control Plan Template & Example


Note: We also have an e-learning solution for this training module, walking you slide-by-slide through the entire training material Process Risk Analysis & Mistake-Proofing eLearning Module.

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Last Update: December 12, 2019